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    Do you permit vaping or smoking of any kind on the property?

    No, smoking or vaping is not permitted anywhere in the building or on the property. Smoking or vaping anywhere on the property affects tenants living in other apartments, as the byproducts of each can linger in rooms or be drawn in through air conditioning units or windows. Illegal drug use is strictly prohibited.

    Are pets permitted?

    Pets are not permitted on the property or in the apartment for any duration of time.

    Can I sublet or share the space?

    Subletting is not permitted. Prior to being added to the lease, any potential new arrivals must first be screened and submit to credit and background checks to ensure their eligibility and the safety of others living in the building.

    Will tenants on the 2nd floor have roof access?

    Roof access is restricted to licensed, bonded and insured firms contracted by the landlord to perform maintenance on the building. The roof has not been outfitted with any safety measures — it’s a long trip down that we’d prefer tenants not take.

    Do you charge a credit check fee?

    Yes, however the costs of the credit and background check will be applied towards your first months rent. You will also need a letter of employment, and the security deposit along with first and last months rent are required to move-in.

    Why is Proof of Renters Insurance Required?

    We want to make sure your family’s belongings are protected against fire or theft during the time you are residing at our property. The insurance that is carried for the building only covers the building itself against fire. Our insurance does not cover your property in the event of fire or burglary. If your guest is accidentally injured because of a hazard you allowed/permitted in your living space, there is a lot you can lose by not having renters insurance.

    Most tenants are unaware that rental policies by the owner of the property do not protect them or their personal belongings against such calamites. To fully protect yourself, we require all tenants have a renter’s insurance policy, which most insurance companies provide. All your furniture, clothing, and other possessions probably add up to tens of thousands of dollars, don’t put your personal property at risk – renters insurance is not something you want to be without.

    Do you accept applicants with guarantors?

    At this time, we are not accepting applications from prospective tenants with guarantors.

    The lease guarantor in a rental agreement is someone who signs their name to the contract and agrees to pay if the tenant is not able to pay the rent.

    What do landlords consider qualifying income levels?

    Generally NYC landlords look for between 42 to 52 times the monthly rent as a qualifying income, scale. However this is often dependant on length of employment, credit, etc. There are exceptions to this, contact us for more information.

    What are the basics, financially, I'll need to get a New York City apartment?

    The basics are first and last month’s rent, one month security deposit and processing fee/credit report.

    Security Deposit: One month’s rent is the usual amount for a security deposit payable at the signing of the lease with the first month’s rent and fee. You will need a bank check, money order or certified check. Your security deposit will be held in a designated account, with the total interest minus 1% payable to you annually. If you abide by the terms of the lease and leave the apartment in the same condition it was at the beginning of the lease period (excepting normal wear and tear) the total security deposit will be refunded.

    2017 Just rennovated

    Apartment 2 at 31-81 is newly available after completing an extensive modernization and renovation project. Read more the project here.


    Tom & Jen


    The Apartments at 31-81 are a privately owned and operated rental property in Astoria New York, focused on bringing value, style and sense of home to its tenants. All upgrades, repairs and maintenance performed on the property are done by the landlord or by licensed, bonded and insured improvement firms (no subcontractors).

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