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    Second Floor Balcony Shade Tree Canopy System

    August 24, 2008 at 2:26 pm · · Comments Off on Second Floor Balcony Shade Tree Canopy System

    Second Floor Balcony Shade Tree Canopy System

    One of the wish list items from a former tenant was for something bigger than their umbrella that could block the sun on hot days and cool the terrace. We needed something that fit our criteria:

    • Additional Shade preferably for that extended the length of the terrace, a few feet away from the house.
    • It must be set up and put away easily and quickly. If it took lots of time to open and close, no one would use it.
    • It must be easily stored and take up a minimum amount of space.
    • Something with enough height for everyone to walk under, standing straight, not stooped.
    • Something that we could leave up for days to help shelter the terrace from the sun’s heat and UV rays.

    Our research pointed us to Shade Tree Canopy Systems.

    A custom white/heather beige ShadeTree Capri deck canopy was installed by a licensed ShadeTree Canopy contractor. This canopy is constructed with heavy-gauge aluminum supports and covered by three stretches of Sunbrella fabric that project from the house to the outer terrace railing. The canopy very effectively blocks direct sun and cools the balcony surface.


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