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    June 7, 2011 at 10:52 am · · Comments Off on New AC units, sleeves and some maintenance

    New AC units, sleeves and some maintenance

    New air conditioning units

    It was time to remove 3 AC units that had been cemented into the existing front, side and back wall and install 3 brand new sleeve units. Because the original units were standard window units that were framed and sealed in the wall (without a sleeve), we needed to:

    • measure the area to determine what size sleeve and AC unit would be possible,
    • cut some of the surrounding brick and mortar to extract the old units,
    • install and insulate the area that surrounded each new A/C sleeve, and finally
    • install each of the new A/C units properly in their new home.

    House (up)keeping

    We needed to refresh the curb-side appeal the house had when we purchased it six years ago. To do this, we hired Champion Interiors to perform the following tasks:

    • Pressure wash the painted concrete in front of the house, seal and paint the area;
    • Scrape flaking paint on the two front columns, prime and paint;
    • Repair each of the cracked stucco lines and blend / re-finish;
    • Clean and remove rust spots on the front/side railings and prime with Rustoleum and paint;
    • Repair/ weld broken section of gate to side of building, clean, prime and paint.

    We also did a little work inside:

    • Repaired walls and ceiling before priming and painting the entire 2nd floor – including stairwell
    • Clean interior skylight trims and prime and paint
    • Clean bathroom tile/grout and re-grout and caulk as necessary

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